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Free The Child!

I happened to meet a few parents of children who were going to a prominent school in Pune city. When asked the reason, promptly came the reply – “The school is focusing more on extra curricular activities and sports rather … Continue reading

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In-sight into the dark world (article published in DNA News paper – 1st Jan 2012)

We are very casual about the power of our sight till we are forced to engage in a ‘Dialogue in the Dark’. Think of those blind persons who have trained themselves to perform various tasks efficiently. Give them an opportunity … Continue reading

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The Garden of My Life…

It isn’t as if it’s newFor years it grew and grewI heard them only todayThe trunks and leaves that sayGive, Forgive and Believe-And Thank while you pray. I walked the path of joggersDeliberating at every stepComprehending the silence of natureUnleashing … Continue reading

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