The Garden of My Life…

It isn’t as if it’s new
For years it grew and grew
I heard them only today
The trunks and leaves that say
Give, Forgive and Believe-
And Thank while you pray.

I walked the path of joggers
Deliberating at every step
Comprehending the silence of nature
Unleashing my long discomfiture.
With love and abundance all around
How can I be sorrow bound?

There is one very old and tall
My pillar of strength that says it all
Hold on to the ground with all your might
Lest a storm push you away in flight.
You have chores to accomplish
And a life to sweetly nourish.

There is one all coiled and curled
A little deceiving, I wonder
No beginning no end
A new maze at every bend.
Find the order in each twist and turn
For life has just but begun.

There is yellow and purple and blue
Glimpses of pink and orange are few
Swaying in happiness and merrily singing
Unaware of passersby with mobiles vibrating!
Technology is irrelevant dear-
This is a world of NOW and HERE.

There are many greens and reds
Lining my path to the flower beds
Every step I pray..
Let all be blessed who tread this way
Every dog or bird or worm or man…
Every stone or pebble or frying pan.

You watch me now and then

Trodding on your leaves and stems

Shattering the silence with every step

You smile and engulf me in your arms.

I am overpowered; yet safe and secure.

You give me the strength to move ahead

In the direction where suffering ends

Where love and faith is all that matters

Acceptance and forgiveness go hand in hand.

Every morning,

You teach me something new

You , the Garden of My Life.

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