On being a teacher…

I get up every morning with the pink light of dawn entering the non-stop musical in front of my eyes starring my little devils at Akanksha. The first thing on my mind,.. “Lets see what I can achieve today?” I am not exaggerating one bit!

One day inside the Akanksha classroom can change your life forever. Teaching is addictive. Teaching is experimenting. Teaching is learning to see things from the eyes of 30 children and then trying to build a connection to the different view points. As a teacher, I have learnt that there is a very solid reasoning behind every answer that a child gives, behind every action that a child does, behind every expression that a child shows. There are no right or wrong answers. It is the process that leads to the answer which is important.

Kids are kids.. in my house or in the slums – full of wonder. They have similar needs.. the need for attention, the need for security, the need for love and the need for a good education. That is any child’s appetite across the world!

Being a teacher to me means to continuously explore and push myself out of my comfort zone to become an ‘effective’ and ‘complete’ educator. It means to create a sweet bond with the child, to extend that relationship to the child’s family and community. To me it means to build the capacity to be able to accommodate an unexpected situation without a frown. It means to try and cater to the learning needs and learning styles in a mixed group. It means to continuously try and improve every lesson to increase engagement.

Being an Akanksha teacher gives me continuous access to best practices and teaching methods around the world. It allows me the freedom to systematically experiment with new ideas that have the potential to improve the learning.

Above all, being a teacher means to be able to smile after a rough day, to be able to share and reflect with a wonderful team and to be able to celebrate the smallest of victories!

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